For Young People

Need Help?

Do you have questions about your relationship? About a friend’s relationship? Visit loveisrespect and you’ll find interactive quizzes, information on all your relationships questions and ways to speak to a trained peer via chat, text or phone, 24/7.

Make a Difference

National Youth Advisory Board

Everyone can do something, but when it comes to the issue of teen dating violence young people have a tremendous voice. Standing up and speaking out is important, but creating activities that get others involved is a movement. The National Youth Advisory Board for loveisrespect works year round to plan and implement activities to raise awareness of dating violence in their communities and nationwide. They share the facts, provide tips on safely ending abusive relationships and create a culture of respect.

The National Youth Advisory Board is currently taking applications for new members! Learn about the board, what they do and how to get involved at loveisrespect.

Respect Week

Respect Week is a five-day period of action organized by the teens and 20-somethings on loveisrespect’s National Youth Advisory Board. Join them online and offline in wearing orange, reading the National Announcement on Valentine’s Day and hosting awareness-raising events all week! They’ve even created a toolkit to get you started.

Wear Orange

Help spread awareness by participating in the nationwide orange-out this February. Invite your friends to the Facebook event, post a picture of you sporting the color and blast your social media using the hashtags and #RESPECTWEEK.

On February 10th wear orange for love. Get as many people as you can to wear something orange in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and promote respect and healthy relationships! People can wear orange shirts, nail polish, hats, scarves, face paint, ribbons, hair ties/bows, jewelry, shoes, rubber bands in their braces or anything else youcan think of.

How Do I Promote “Wear Orange” Day?

  • 1. Tell EVERYONE!! People at school, at work, in the community, at your place of worship, your neighbors and your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook friends. Ask everyone to spread the word!
  • 2. Join our Facebook event at
  • 3. Make announcements to the entire school, certain classes, groups or others.
  • 4. Put posters, banners, or flyers in common areas, bulletin boards, bathrooms and other places. You can use the flyer on the next page or make your own!
  • 5. You can also hold an assembly featuring a local organization that provides resources and services relating to teen dating violence and use the Wear Orange Day to raise funds for the organization.

National Respect Announcement

Register to take part in the National Respect Announcement by signing up to read it across your school’s intercom, annuoncing it before a class or group session, or by posting it around campus. You’ll be joining the one-million strong voice that ensures every teen and young adult knows where to go if they’re in an unhealthy relationship. Anyone can make their voice heard by standing up for respect.