Get a Proclamation

Ask your governor, mayor, school principal, faith leader or other public official to issue a proclamation recognizing teenDVmonth in your community. We have everything you need to get started:

If your request is successful, make sure to write a thank you letter! Invite a representative from the official’s office to any event you host for teenDVmonth. If you highlight the proclamation in your website or newsletter, send a copy of that too.

Organize a Letter Writing Campaign or Phone Bank

If you're having a hard time getting a response, try applying some pressure by organizing a letter writing campaign or hosting a phone bank.

Start by defining your audience, be it a city council member or the President. Then decide what you want to say about teen dating violence – feel free to draw from the content on this site and the many partner organizations we link to. Set a goal for how many letters you want to write or calls you want to make. Put together a short packet about the issue with either the sample letter above or a script for making calls.

Next, decide if you want to have a public event, say at your church, or something more private, like inviting your friends to your house. Either way, arrange the day, time and location in advance and start letting guests know. If you’re hosting a letter writing campaign, gather stationary, envelopes and stamps or ask guests to bring their own. If you're hosting a phone bank, make sure the room you picked has good reception and your guests are comfortable using their cell phones to make calls.

When guests arrive, ask them to sign in so you know how many people came and can contact them again. Begin by introducing teen dating violence and handing out the packets you made. Give folks time to read through everything and answer questions as they do. Remember, it's ok if you don’t know the answer. It’s better to look it up online and get back to the person later, then give a wrong answer in front of the group. If you're hosting a phone bank, ask people to practice by role playing with each other before they start. To motivate your guests, try giving a prize to the person who makes the most calls or writes the most letters.

At the end, don't forget to thank everyone for coming and follow up with updates on the campaign's success!

Share With Us!

Have you helped secure a proclamation from a local or state elected official? Make sure to submit it for inclusion on our 2014 Action Map!