Engage Local Media

Write an Op-ed

Publish an opinion piece in your local paper or favorite blog about teenDVMonth. We even have a template to get you started.

Want more guidance? The Op Ed Project, a group dedicated to increasing the amount of women who participate in and are featured by our nation's key print and online forums, has a lot of great resources to get you on the right path. Good for any writer, check out their:

Also feel free to use the information on this site and the ones we link to. The research we’ve compiled may be especially helpful.

Press Conference

Really want to make a splash? Host a press conference with a sympathetic legislator or community leader!

Start by contacting your VIP by email, phone or mail to see if they are interested in attending. Once you’ve gotten their attention, work with their PR staff to find a good time, place and format. Press conferences are most effective when they take place on a midweek day sometime between late morning and early afternoon. Expect the event to take no more than one hour, but make sure you have time to set up and break down. Pick a location that ensures good lighting, photo opportunities, convenience for reporters and enough space for all your guests. Feel free to invite other speakers, but make sure everyone knows how long they have to present and what the format will be.

Next, figure out what you need for the event. For example, does your speaker want a podium? Should there be a computer for presentations? Will refreshments entice people to come? Should you have a system for asking questions, like writing them on cards and handing a stack to the speaker? How much will everything cost? You may need to conduct a small fundraiser, like a car wash, to be successful.

Start promoting the event by writing a press release. Check out these tips to get started. Make sure your speakers all approve the release before you send it. A week before your event, give copies to all local media outlets including television stations, radio stations and newspapers. Once you’ve sent the press release, promote the event to community members online, through mailed invitations, by posting flyers or some combination of these tactics.

Now you are ready to host the event! Arrive early to set up and make sure everything looks good. Greet the reporters at the door and provide them with an additional copy of the press release and statistics on dating violence. During the event, leave time for a question and answer session. End by thanking everyone and emphasizing the importance of addressing dating violence in your community.