For Faith-Based Professionals

Faith leaders play a critical role in the lives of millions of young people.  As mentors, role models, ministers, teachers and counselors to young people and their families, you can educate teens and 20-somethings about dating violence and speak to the importance of healthy relationships. Below are some tools to help:

Make a Proclamation

Add your name to the broad list of supporters of healthy relationships in the faith community!

Sample Sermon

Executive Director and Chaplain for the Islamic Center at NYU and Chaplain for the NYPD Khalid Latif offers the sample sermon Real Men Don't Hit Women. Don’t forget the bulletin insert created by Faith Trust Institute to insert for your weekly faith gathering!


Read up on dating abuse and what the faith community can do to prevent it:


Use the following curricula in parochial school, youth groups and more:

  • Healthy Relationship and Abuse Programs by Jewish Women International offers a number of age-specific programs to build self-esteem and explore relationships through a Jewish lens.
  • Love – All that and More by the Faith Trust Institute promotes safe, healthy relationships and supports teens in taking action to overcome violence and abuse.


Attend or watch an online training to learn more about dating abuse:

  • The Faith Trust Institute has a library of webinars focusing on dating abuse prevention that range in topics from the special challenges of youth ministry to general interest to the role of pre-marital counseling.